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When you research one Southern California or Woodland Hills residential treatment center or another, does it feel like all of the therapeutic treatments they offer are the same? If you’ve been looking into a detox and rehab facility online, you’ll find that plenty of them all say more or less the same things. That’s why, at Conquer Recovery Centers, we offer unique, personalized treatments are one way through which we do so. You are unique. There's no one like you. So, you shouldn’t receive treatments that are like someone else’s. 

Individual Therapy for Individuals 

Here at Conquer, we provide many different kinds of individual therapy. However, we always key on the “individual” aspect of it. Our licensed therapists have been doing this for a long time. They can draw upon that experience when helping you to find the underlying traumas that your addiction issues are symptoms of. That said, with that experience, they understand that everyone is different. So, your therapy will be unlike anyone else’s. It’s one more way that we can make our services that much more personalized, that much more tailored to the individual. 

Group Therapy: for Growth in Many Ways 

Of course, we don’t want you to get the idea that all we offer is individual therapy. At Conquer Recovery Centers, we’re quite proud of the community we’ve cultivated. You’ll see that in our Group Therapy sessions. These offer any number of benefits, not the least of which is interacting with others. We've found that many who struggle with addiction issues have seen their social skills atrophy. Through sessions like these, you can rebuild and restore them. Those are just some of the life skills that will serve you well once you leave our facility, too. 

“Where You’re Going and Where You’ve Been” 

That’s something people become aware of all the time in our group therapy sessions. For example, when you first come to these sessions, you’ll see those who have been in our program from some time. You’ll be able to learn from them. Then, in a shorter period of time than you might think, you’ll be in their position. You’ll be able to impart some of what you’ve learned, what you’ve felt, to those who just arrived here. Like so much else, it can help you to build that foundation for a life once you’ve left here, too. 

A Southern California Woodland Hills Residential Treatment Center for You 

Beyond those kinds of therapies, we also offer Family Therapy, too. When you’re struggling with addiction issues, you're not the only person who’s struggling with them. Your family is, too. Family therapy can help you and yours to talk through it, to grow together. Of course, not all of our patients will be best served by everything listed above. We’ll make sure that you get the treatments that are just right for you. To start that process, you can give us a call at (855) 958-4333.  woodland hills residential treatment center

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