Addiction is not a moral or even a conscious choice.

No one chooses or decides to be addicted. Rather, they perpetuate an abusive cycle, mostly on account of underlying unresolved issues that harms their lives as well as the lives of those around them. You’ve seen this whether you’re an addict yourself or know one. 

Our residential treatment setting is specifically designed to give clients a respite, a break from the chaos of addiction. Here, you can take a “breather.” You can relax, reflect, and take the time you need to find what’s really important. However, when you’re here, it’s not just resting, you’ll have opportunities, too. Specifically, you can become educated, discovering the underlying issues that have been causing you so many problems. 

Then, you can resolve them, and take those first steps towards living the life that you want.

Empowering clients: that’s what we do with our program. Our professional team of clinicians will put together a unique treatment plan for your needs. In our caring and supportive environment, you can develop and cultivate a sense of optimism, hope, and eventually, freedom. 

Everyone deserves to be respected, to have dignity. You may not feel like you do, but in time, you will. Indeed, while all of our treatment plans are unique, all of them preserve respect and dignity for the individual. 

That said, it’s important to keep in mind that our treatment strategies aren’t just based on feelings, they’re evidence-based. That’s for a very simple reason: they work. Here at Conquer, our main focus is on helping clients as well as their families to achieve a positive, sober, and healthy state of being. 

That means incorporating any and all effective treatments. Cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, supportive expressive techniques or insight-oriented ones, even family systems therapy – here at Conquer, we have a wide variety of treatments to choose from. When you’re at our residential center, we’ll pick the ones that will work best for you. 

residential alcohol rehab

Residential Alcohol Rehab

The truth is that someone battling alcohol addiction doesn’t really do it alone. Sure, they’ll feel the symptoms and face the challenges, but when a person is in treatment, so too is their entire family. Just as their problems with alcohol impacted everyone around them, so too does their treatment. 

Addiction treatment without a family component is flawed at best and doomed at worst. At Conquer, we encourage family members to get involved in the treatment process. That means individual sessions, specific groups, and more. In fact, we don’t limit that to a client’s stay at Conquer, as we work with family members to create their own support network, including Al-Anon groups, ACA, CODA, and so forth. We know that a client’s stay at our residential treatment is short and their time with their family is, essentially, forever. 

Education is a major part of what we do, for the client as well as their family. That means we provide lectures on such topics as:

  • The Family Model and the Disease Concept of Addiction
  • The Secret Patterns behind Relationship Dysfunction 
  • How Communication and Assertive Work Hand in Hand 
  • The Important Differences Between “Helping” and “Enabling” 

… and many more.

Inside our Residential Program

At its core, we designed Conquer to help adults with alcohol and drug problems in a supportive environment. That way, they can achieve sobriety and maintain it as well. We ask that clients be over the age of 18 and that they give their consent to our independent medical physician and facility to carry out diagnostic procedures and treatment processes.

Built on a social recovery model, we make sure to never use any restraints or seclusion. The shortest stay of thirty days, however, staying longer can increase a person’s chance of success. We understand that’s not always possible, so we can facilitate entry into a sober living facility, extended care, IOP program, and more.

Conquer is staffed and operated 24/7/365. That staff includes professional staff, clinical staff, as well as administrative and support staff. Every treatment plan is different. Our program often includes: 

  • Group and individual sessions
  • Anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, and co-occurring disorder treatment
  • Analyzing the conditions and underlying causes of addiction
  • Work with the family
  • Improved physical fitness 
  • Developing life skills 
  • Lectures and educations on the nature of addiction, recovery, and more 
  • Supportive interaction with peers that rehabilitates the client socially 12 step programs
  • Setting and meeting goals, to build self-confidence

Integrity is critical in our industry, as well as any other. With so many treatment centers to choose from, we know that we have to do more to stand out. That’s why, at Conquer, we provide top-notch treatment in an ethically sound and professional environment.

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