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Do you find that you’re unable to stop or even cut back on your cocaine use? Does it feel as if everything you do revolves around cocaine? For many, cocaine addiction starts after only a bit of use. Cocaine has, unfortunately, been glamorized in much of popular culture, but, alas, the consequences of cocaine use are anything but glamorized. The truth is that, really, any cocaine use could be that which ends your life -- overdoses are all too common. Even if you do survive, it’s very easy to develop a chemical dependency as well as an addiction, as many cocaine users build up a tolerance quickly.

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So, to get as high as you were, you have to keep using more and more cocaine. As you might imagine, the odds of overdosing sky-rocket over time. Of course, the risk of overdose is just one of the many, many negative side effects of cocaine. Heart attacks, strokes, neurological issues, and so much more can result from cocaine use. If you or someone that you love has been using cocaine, at Conquer Recovery Centers, we can help you to overcome it for good.

How to Tell if You Or Someone You Love Has a Cocaine Addiction

Many folks think “well, I can keep my cocaine use under control.” But, unfortunately, it rarely works like that. Many folks who use cocaine become paranoid, are unable to sleep, or even sit still for too long. When someone uses cocaine, they often tend to withdraw from or ignore the things in their life that used to give them joy: hobbies, activities, and more. They also find it hard to get or maintain a job.

Some of the worst signs of cocaine abuse are those that involve the family. People who use cocaine tend to avoid spending time with those they care about most, or even end up stealing from them, all to continue cocaine use. The best time to go to detox and rehab for any addiction is “right now,” but with the long-term health effects of cocaine addiction, it’s especially important.

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Conquer Recovery Center Help for Cocaine Addiction

Over the years, the Conquer Recovery Center has helped so many people to get sober and stay that way. Many start with detox, where our medical professionals watch over them all the time, making sure that they’re safe and secure. Then, we put together a treatment plan that can meet all of your needs. For more: (855) 958-4333. 

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