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Therapy in rehab is not at all limited to just talking to a therapist. For example, our aquatic therapy can get you up and moving, helping you to feel better in any number of ways.

What’s great about different therapy modalities is that they can help in different ways. When you’re sitting with a therapist, one on one, you can explore challenging concerns and issues in private. By that same token, when you’re with a group, you’ll be exposed to new perspectives you may not have considered while building strong social skills.

With aquatic therapy, you’ll be exploring new, pleasurable physical sensations. The truth is that being in the water feels good. Moreover, it feels good in an organic, healthy way. It’s relaxing. Simply being in the water can help to reduce stress.

aquatic therapy

A Safer, Better Way to Improve Fitness

Of course, with much of our aquatic therapy, you’ll be doing more than just getting into the water. This therapy also takes advantage of the aquatic element, for swimming, aerobics, and other forms of physical activity.

For many, it can be challenging to perform aerobic exercises on land. Running or even jogging can take a real toll on joints, knees, feet, and more. In water, however, much of that is eliminated. Studies have shown that swimming can actually alleviate the effects of many forms of chronic pain. After all, when you’re in the water, you don’t have to support yourself. Your body doesn’t have to support you, which makes things so much easier on it.

In the end, aquatic therapy opens up physical activity to more people. If you’re not used to physical fitness or are just starting out, this is a great way to discover all of the health benefits that come from exercise. 

One of the biggest benefits is reducing your anxiety. It’s natural to be anxious when you’re in rehab, dealing with all of the fallout from having lived a life of addiction. However, after exerting yourself in a pool, working up a sweat while having a great time, your anxiety will decrease. You’ll feel great and just as importantly, calmer.

More than Just Physical Exercise

While physical exercise can be a big part of our aquatic therapy, there’s so much more to this therapy than just boosting your fitness. Your particular aquatic therapy may also include mindfulness and tranquility, too. 

It may be best for you to just lay flat on your back float around the pool. If you haven't done that (or if it’s been a long time since you did) you could be amazed by how it feels to just let your mind… wander. This promotes a powerful, potent kind of mindfulness. You can immerse yourself and focus entirely on just the present moment.

Many of our aquatic therapy patients don’t just stop with their swimming and other water activities once they leave our facility. We can put together a plan so that you’ll be able to make swimming and more a part of your life moving forward into aftercare.

When you come to Conquer, we’ll put together a treatment plan that’s right for your specific needs.

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