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Individual Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

We offer different kinds of individual therapy. When you arrive at Conquer, we’ll put together an individualized treatment plan for your needs. No matter which kind of therapy is recommended for you, it will be conducted by accredited and experienced therapists. That way, you can get the kind of therapy you need to build the life that you want.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Evidence-based and goal-oriented, this form of therapy helps you to take control of your behaviors. When you’re battling with addiction, it’s natural to feel out of control, like there’s nothing you can do. This therapy has helped so many to take those feelings and replace them with habits that are healthy and fulfilling.

This therapy is just one part of a well-rounded treatment program, as it can assist you in making definite, real progress towards particular, defined goals. You can build self confidence and self esteem with this therapy, as well better managing negative thoughts that come with addiction as well as avoiding the destructive behaviors that may have held you back.

“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” comes from, in part, the idea that cognition drives and shapes our behaviors. The emotions we’ve learned and our thought patterns are behind the things we do and say. So, if you formed negative or even irrational thoughts when you were young, that could be a part of your substance abuse cycle now. You may not even be aware of these thoughts, but they can go a long way towards determining how your recovery goes as well as how you feel about yourself.

With this therapy, we can help you to identify those harmful, negative thoughts, and then discover new ways of thinking. The cycle of negativity can be broken. The destructive patterns that have held you back can be replaced with optimism.

As you might imagine, this process is as individualized as can be. Your negative thoughts are entirely different than anyone else’s. What works for someone else may not work for you. That’s why we adjust this program to fit your exact, specific needs. With this therapy, we can reduce negative thoughts that feel automatic, thus boosting your self esteem and even improving your relationships.

In our therapeutic approach, you’ll meet with a therapist, and you’ll also complete exercises out of the sessions, too. Along the way, you’ll learn real, actionable strategies you can use to manage your triggers and stress once you walk out of Conquer, too.

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Have you found it difficult to envision a full, happy future? Does it seem like you can’t rediscover a healthy self-image? Those are just two of the possible benefits of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Over the years, we’ve used this therapy to help so many to better manage withdrawal, overcome substance dependency, and strengthen their relationships. 

If you think about it, “acceptance” and “change” may seem like two entirely different paths, almost like they’re complete opposites. This therapy, taking the name “dialectic” (which literally means “the integration of opposites”) can help you to better manage the balance of reason and emotion. 

When you’re in the throes of addiction, it’s hard to feel genuinely assertive. By that same token, you may have negative behaviors that make it difficult (if not impossible) to live happily. This therapy can help you to seek help when you need to while also being self-sufficient as well.

The keys to this therapy include practicing mindfulness, so that you’re more aware of the present while accepting it, too. Consequently, it can help you to be more tolerant of when you’re in distress, too. That way, you can learn to accept difficult situations rather than always seeking to change them. Lastly, it also focuses on interpersonal effectiveness, too – so that you can better identify what you want from relationships and then work to change them, all while boosting your self–confidence. The above are just a few of the goals and methods of this therapy. When you arrive at Conquer, we’ll put together a treatment that meets your exact needs.

Didactic Therapy

Another way to think of this therapy might be to think of it as a kind of “educational therapy.” In this therapy, instructor-led education will help you to break addiction’s grip. Relapse prevention, substance abuse, and a focus on addiction’s medical aspects will all be a major component of this therapy. 

This therapy method places a premium on understanding how the recovery process relates to you. In turn, you’ll have greater self-awareness about your addiction, as well as how to deal with it. There might not be as much inward focused therapy, but rather, you’ll work on your problem-solving skills, developing healthier coping mechanisms so that you can better handle addiction’s stressors. 

You may not feel it, but there is evidence for growth and change within you. This therapy can help to better draw those out.

It’s natural to read to this point and think: “I don’t know which of these therapies is right for me.” That’s our job. When you come to Conquer, we’ll perform a thorough evaluation. Then, from there, we’ll put you with the treatment that’s right for you.

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