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Do you struggle with an addiction as well as a mental health concern? Is someone you love both depressed as well as an addict (or something similar?) The truth is that people with what are called “co-occurring disorders” require a different kind of treatment than others who struggle with addiction. At Conquer Recovery Centers, we make sure to treat co-occurring disorders as, well, co-occurring disorders. That means that we treat both at the exact same time. This has been proven to be far more effective than other methods.

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Co-Occurring Disorders in Los Angeles, CA

If you don’t treat them at the exact same time, you run the risk of undoing any progress made. For example, say someone is addicted to alcohol and suffers from depression. Treating the depression could be beneficial, but it could also cause the addiction to linger. By that same token, treat the addiction at the expense of the mental health concern, and the addict is, in this case, very likely to drink alcohol when they become depressed.

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The reason for that is because both the mental health concerns as well as the addictions are symptoms. Dangerous, challenging symptoms, yes, but symptoms nonetheless. To treat them best involves treating the underlying causes, what they’re actually symptoms of. That’s what we focus on here at Conquer Recovery Centers. We treat what’s causing the addiction, we treat what’s causing the mental health concern. From there, we’re able to help you to get clean and sober and then stay that way.

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A Way Forward for Co-Occurring Disorders

The symptoms of co-occurring disorders are, in many ways, the same as the symptoms of addictions as well as mental health concerns. That could mean being unable to focus, an inability to stop being angry, suicidal thoughts, paranoia, abusing drugs and alcohol when depressed, and so much more.

You might have read to this part and thought: “I don’t know if I have a co-occurring disorder or not.” That’s perfectly fine. When you come to Conquer Recovery Centers, our medical professionals will perform a thorough evaluation. From there, we’ll figure out exactly the right treatment for you. At that point, we’ll be able to determine whether or not you or someone you love has a co-occurring disorder. Should that be the case, we’ll make sure that your treatment is specifically tailored to your exact needs. To start the process, you can call us at any time at (855) 958-4333.

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