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Do you feel like you can’t stop using meth? Is there someone in your life that you’ve watched develop an addiction to meth and you don’t know what to do? Being addicted to any substance or drug is dangerous. That having been said, meth is one of the most dangerous drugs to be addicted to. Unfortunately, meth use is all too common here in California.  It’s entirely common to feel helpless, like there’s nothing you can do. However, here at Conquer Recovery Centers, we can help you to overcome this addiction by addressing the underlying symptoms causing it.

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Meth Addiction Signs: in the Body and in Behavior

Whichever way that you or someone you care about takes meth, the physical and behavioral signs of abuse are consistent. For many, they get burns on their lips as well as their fingers, they could incur serious dental problems, even developing sores and facial tics. Other signs include rapid breathing as well as lethargy, rapid weight loss in addition to a higher body temperature. You may even feel a racing heartbeat or an irregular one. If you feel any of those from meth use, it’s time to get help. 

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The behavioral signs of meth are similar to what you may find with other addictions. That said, they can be very dangerous to yourself as well as those around you. Many meth users feel paranoid, have dramatic mood swings, are constantly anxious, confused, and irritable. They may even hallucinate at times.

When you use meth, it affects the people in your life as well. It can be extremely difficult to get or hold down a job, be there for those around you, and so forth. Right now is always the best time to go to detox if you have any addiction, but that’s especially true for meth use. That’s because meth overdose (which can become more likely as you develop a tolerance) can lead to Oregon failure, seizures, heart attacks, and of course, death. That doesn’t have to happen, however. We can help.

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A Place to Go for Help: Conquer Recovery Center

Over the years, we’ve helped many who walked into Conquer with an addiction to meth to walk out clean, sober, and ready to live life on their terms. From our safe and secure detox through our personalized treatment plans, we can help you to get clean, sober, and stay that way. You can call us any time at (855) 958-4333.

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