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One of the definitions of “conquer” is: “to gain a victory over; surmount, master; overcome.” That’s what we help our clients to do to their addictions.

The process is not easy, but it is rewarding.

At Conquer, our trained and experienced medical staff can help you or someone you love to ultimately overcome their addiction.

While that’s our goal, we don’t just treat the addiction.

Indeed, we see the addiction not as the problem itself, but rather as a symptom. An addiction is a symptom of an underlying issue. Then, your individualized treatment plan is designed around recognizing that underlying issue, dealing with it, and ultimately, overcoming that. Then, in turn, you can overcome your addictions as well. 

For many, the process starts with rehab. As soon as you arrive, you’ll get a complete evaluation from our professionals. Then, they’ll get right to work putting together a treatment for you. While that’s going on, you’ll be in detox. 

You’ll be watched over 24/7 by our staff, to make sure that you’re safe. Detox is a difficult process for everyone. With our medical staff on hand, they’ll be there to make it not easy, but rather, easier. 

Once all of the toxins are gone from your body, in all likelihood, you’ll then start residential treatment. 

Here, you’ll go into therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and so much more. Physical fitness is an important part of our treatment, too, so that you can feel good inside and out. Indeed, many of our therapeutic modalities are built around that: yoga therapy, massage therapy, and others.  

Here, you’ll develop the kinds of life skills that can serve you throughout the rest of your life. Social skills, eating right, and so much more – that’s just some of what you’ll cultivate here. Of course, once your stay at Conquer ends, you’re still part of the family. 

All treatments at Conquer are unique to the client. For example, we’ve found that dual diagnosis treatment is right for so many. If you have a mental health concern as well as an addiction issue, we treat them both simultaneously. No matter your situation, we can put together a treatment that’s just right for you. We have aftercare programs as well. That way, you can better build that foundation from which to start the rest of your life, to live in the happy, healthy, and sober method that you want. 

We know how hard it can be to start with rehab. As challenging as the entire process can be, perhaps the most difficult part is the first one: that first phone call, that first moment of reaching out. When you’re ready, we’ll be here to help.

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