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Are you concerned about the prospect of detox? Have you looked into detox facilities but are worried about what all that might entail? Those are perfectly normal feelings. Many addicts feel the same way. Some, in fact, fear detox so much that they may have just not gone to treatment. The consequences for that can be dire indeed.


Addiction is not a moral or even a conscious choice. No one chooses or decides to be addicted. Rather, they perpetuate an abusive cycle, mostly on account of underlying unresolved issues that harms their lives as well as the lives of those around them. You’ve seen this whether you’re an addict yourself or know one.

Why Choose Conquer Recovery

Situated in the heart of Los Angeles. That means there’s always an AA meeting nearby. 

Three private rooms. Our home is the only facility in LA which offers that.

Serene backyard. Perfect walks, quiet reflection, relaxation, and more.

Pool. Great for aquatic therapy, swimming, or just lounging around. 

Professional chef. Healthy, delicious food when you need it.

Highest level of personalized care. Doctors, nurses, and therapists to serve you. 

An environment that truly feels like home. 

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We're here to help you Conquer the journey towards success.


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A supportive environment. People who care about you and have gone through the same things you have.

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We offer different kinds of individual therapy. When you arrive at Conquer, we’ll put together an individualized treatment plan for your needs.

group therapy

If you suffer from addiction, then your family suffers, too. If someone in your family has an addiction, then the rest of you will suffer from it as well.

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