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A supportive environment. People who care about you and have gone through the same things you have. Structured yet open discussions, that are educational, informative, and allow for your growth.

That’s what group therapy at Conquer can be.

We understand that many of our clients may be anxious about the idea of group therapy. Perhaps they feel shy, or even insecure and guilty. That’s all taken into account. When you arrive at Conquer, we’ll put together an individualized treatment plan for you. For many, this will involve group therapy. This form of therapy has many benefits indeed.

You aren’t alone.

When you’re in our detoxification treatment program, you’ll be watched over at all times by our qualified, experienced staff. They’ll be present on-site, always monitoring you and assisting with the regular distribution of self-directed detox medications. Trained in CPR, First Aid, and more, they will be able to guide you through even the most challenging aspects of detoxification.

Group therapy can also be a great way to develop and cultivate your social skills. Unfortunately, for many struggling with addiction, their social skills can atrophy. As their lives are consumed by the addiction, their abilities to form real connections with supportive people may have waned. In Group Therapy, you can learn how to form even better relationships that don’t have to end once your time at Conquer does.

group therapy

Many Points of View

There’s so much to be said for individual therapy. In fact, just about every individualized treatment plan here at Conquer involves some form of individual therapy. But, as great as it can be, individual therapy provides just that – one point of view. In Group Therapy, you can learn from so many other people, too.

Someone else may have done something that you could learn from, whether it’s something to aspire to or avoid. They could provide some kind of insight, some way of looking at things that you hadn’t considered. These aren’t examples we just randomly chose – they’re something that happens basically daily in our Group Therapy sessions. 

These sessions are run by our professional, experienced therapists. That way, the sessions are supportive and always on point. 

Group Therapy at Conquer is one more way that we can make treatment more unique to your specific needs. When you’re ready to take that first step, you can reach us at

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