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To treat a person’s addiction, you can’t just treat the addiction. Instead, you have to treat their mind and body as well as their spirit. Yoga therapy is one of the most effective ways to do exactly that. Increasingly popular, this therapy has helped so many to not only get healthier, but to establish the kinds of lifelong habits that will help long after they leave Conquer.

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Yoga Therapy: More than Just Yoga

You may know yoga as using movement and physical stances to focus on yourself, become more aware of your breathing patterns, and make a stronger connection between your mind and body. However, when properly guided, it can have more health benefits.

We’ve found that yoga therapy can actually provide natural, organic pain relief, all while boosting your energy. Performing yoga can help you to develop a better sleep pattern and even makes it easier to stick to a better dietary one, too. You can become more resilient, all while having a greater awareness of what your body actually needs. 

On top of that, it’s been shown that yoga therapy can help you to feel more optimistic, giving you more confidence and even a healthier outlook (even including in relationships). Yoga is an organic and holistic way to treat addiction

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