Our home is open and welcoming to those who want to lead a healthy, sober, and happy life. We know that when it comes to recovery facilities in Southern California, you have many choices. That’s just one of the reasons that we do everything we can to stand out from the rest. Our house is open to you, and it’s packed with as many high quality amenities as possible.

These amenities include:

Situated in the heart of Los Angeles. That means there’s always an AA meeting nearby.
Three private rooms. Our home is the only facility in LA which offers that.
Serene backyard. Perfect walks, quiet reflection, relaxation, and more.
Pool. Great for aquatic therapy, swimming, or just lounging around.
Professional chef. Healthy, delicious food when you need it.
Highest level of personalized care. Doctors, nurses, and therapists to serve you.
An environment that truly feels like home.

Spending time with others is important, but we believe you need room and space to feel comfortable enough to continue your journey

Individual Rooms

Those are just a few of the reasons that our house has three individual rooms. In our three private bedrooms, our patients can quietly reflect upon the day’s events, get a good start on the following day, while having a great night’s sleep and so much more. So much of what we do in our house is centered around helping you to build a foundation for a healthy life. Our chef will put together delicious, healthy meals for you.

Between our exercise amenities and this healthy food, you could start leading a healthy life immediately. All of our staff have the kind of training and experience that allow them to be able to help our patients. Everything about our house has been structured so that it can feel like a home away from home. When you’re ready, our doors are open to you and those you care about.