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If you suffer from addiction, then your family suffers, too. If someone in your family has an addiction, then the rest of you will suffer from it as well. Relationships, even the strongest ones, are built on trust and respect. Addictions can corrode that, leading to problems over time. Our family therapy can help to rebuild that, leading to a better outcome for all.

With our psycho-educational programs, guided and open discussions as well as professional counseling sessions, we can help you to reconnect to the most important people in your life.

Everyone Has a Part in the Recovery Process

That’s one more way that our Family Therapy can help. In these sessions, especially early on, all involved can receive greater education about how addiction can harm relationships. This is an open venue to discuss the ways that addiction has damaged lives. Always, there’s a focus on support, on coming through this time together. If a family connection has been weakened or even broken, these sessions can help to rebuild and mend them.

By encouraging honest yet respectful communication, this therapy can help family members to see ways that they can support without enabling or being codependent. Many of these sessions include sharing feelings of fear, guilt, anger, and other negative emotions in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Then, all involved can discover new, healthier patterns to replace the unhealthy relationship patterns that may have developed over time.

Even when deep. Relational wounds have occurred, we can have counselling that better assists loved ones in coping with the trauma that comes from addiction. Restorative self-care interventions can also be a part of this, as they encourage family members to improve their own mental and even emotional wellness, too.

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The Family Unit

Other forms of therapy may focus on just one person. But, this therapy treats each relationship as one singular unit. This helps to make the atmosphere more secure, as well as better focusing on all of the participants’ emotional well-being.

These sessions are designed to be truly welcoming. No matter the age or relationship to the patient, our sessions offer guidance to anyone who wants it. Children, siblings, significant others, parents, and others are all welcome in these sessions.

Addiction Support

When you’re fighting through addiction, it can feel like everything would be OK if you could just “get your life back on track.” However, there’s really no way to do that without healing the connections of your most valuable and long-term relationships.

Support from loved ones can really be one of the most powerful parts of recovery. Over the years, we’ve found that many who go through this therapy recover faster and have less chance of relapsing.

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