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Have you become addicted to opioids? Do you find it impossible to stop using anti-anxiety medication? Is there someone in your life who has developed an addiction to stimulants? Each of these drugs (as well as sedatives, hypnotics, and others) are all considered kinds of “opioids.” Many of the people who become addicted to these drugs started because they were prescribed these drugs and then, while using them for moderate to severe pain, developed an addiction. These can be one of the most challenging addictions to break. However, here at Conquer Recovery Centers, we can help you to overcome these addictions as well as many others.

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What to Know About Opioids

Doctors prescribe opioids because they help folks to relieve their pain. They do so by inhibiting the pain signals in your body. What that does is that they relax your body, which, of course, can make you feel high by releasing large amounts of dopamine. You may get dopamine from social media, eating something you love, doing activities you enjoy, and so forth. That’s a major factor as to why they’re so powerfully addictive. If you or someone you love has fallen into this, we can help.

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How to Tell If You or Someone You Love is Addicted to Opioids

It starts like so many other addictions often do: by having an increased tolerance. For many with opioid addiction, they were prescribed these pills - so, they’ll try to get prescribed more pills. From requesting early refills, to getting more prescriptions from other doctors than their primary caregiver, to even stealing medications (or even money) to get more pills, there are plenty of behavioral signs of opioid addiction.

Physical signs include anxiety, always being agitated, losing coordination, constipation, nausea, feeling confused, drowsy, and more. Prolonged abuse of opioids can lead to serious health problems and even death. Today is, for many reasons, the best day to get help with this addiction or any other.

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How Conquer Can Help

Here at Conquer Recovery Center, we’ve helped so many folks who suffer from opioid addictions to get the help that they need. When you arrive, we’ll take you through our detox program. There, you’ll be watched over by medical professionals the entire time, so that you’re safe and secure as you get clean and sober. From there, we’ll put together a treatment plan for your exact needs so that you can live life how you want. For more: (855) 958-4333. 

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