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Are you unable to stop using heroin? Has someone in your life become addicted to heroin and you don’t know what to do? Heroin is one of the most addictive substances. With other substances, dependency builds up over a period of time, as do withdrawal symptoms. Heroin, however, is different. Many experience dependency as well as withdrawal symptoms right after the first hit. Worse, those cravings continue to get worse and worse. More than ten thousand people die from heroin addiction every year. This isn’t said to scare you. Rather, it’s to let you know just how serious it is when a person is addicted to heroin. There is help. There is hope. At Conquer Recovery Centers, we offer a way forward.

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Heroin’s Rapid On-Set Symptoms

For many heroin users, the very best part is the first high. Indeed, that’s the one they’re chasing with every subsequent use. It’s never quite that great again, but they continue using to try and get it back. Some of the physical signs of heroin abuse you might already know, such as itching, disorientation, constipation, nausea, drowsiness, and always having a “dry mouth.”

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Heroin can have a truly devastating effect on a person’s life in more ways than just affecting their health. So many users have told us that it took over their lives before they really had any idea of what was happening. It’s all too easy to struggle with and ultimately lose your job, shun your friends and family, fall into illegal activities, and even homelessness after using heroin much, much faster than you might imagine. The health effects of heroin can be just as awful, too, often culminating in death.

All of that having been said, the situation is not hopeless. As challenging as heroin addiction can be, here at Conquer Recovery Centers, we’ve helped folks to overcome it and go on to lead the lives that they wanted to lead.

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Conquer Recovery Centers Can Help

We know how intimidating detoxing from heroin can be. That’s just one of the reasons that our detox is always overseen by trained medical professionals. That way, they can be right there to help should the detox become especially challenging. We can make sure that you stay safe and secure while you get clean. Moreover, we can then put together a treatment plan that’s specific to your needs, so that you can conquer both your heroin addiction as well as what caused it. For more: (855) 958-4333.

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