Summer Treatment at Our Alcohol and Drug Detox in Los Angeles

drug detox in los angeles There is no “wrong” time to go to alcohol and drug detox in Los Angeles. Any time is the right time. In fact, if you’re struggling with addiction, then the right time to get treatment is now. All of that having been said, there are certain advantages to coming to Conquer Recovery in the summer months. We have helped many to detox and then continue their journey of recovery at any time during the year. As May becomes June, if you’ve been considering getting help, now is a fine time to do so. 

Aquatic Therapy and Days by the Pool 

As you may have seen on our site, in the backyard, we have a large swimming pool. This pool is perfect for aquatic therapy, of course: our therapists devise treatment plans for our patient’s specific needs, helping them to use the water for treatment and growth. That said, aquatic therapy may not be right for every patient, nor is it the only reason to use our pool. Simply swimming in it can feel good, as can lounging beside it, in quiet, reflective contemplation. 

Serene Walks Throughout the Day 

On the subject of quiet, reflective contemplation, our backyard can be a haven for exactly that. So many of our patients engage in serene walks through our backyard. Whether it’s early in the morning, in the middle of the day, or as the sun begins to drop into the sea, our backyard features prominently in the relaxation as well as the treatment of many of our patients. Of course, this being LA, the temperatures are often pleasant throughout the year, but walking outside during the summer months can be incredibly peaceful. 

Treatment You Can Count on in The Heart of LA 

Conquer Recovery isn’t on the outskirts of Los Angeles, nor is it nestled in the mountains far away. We are situated right in the heart of Los Angeles. While we are right in downtown LA, you’ll have the freedom that comes from having a private room. Indeed, we are the only facility in downtown LA that has as many as three private rooms, making it possible for you to go through treatment in our community while also having privacy when you want it. Conquer Recovery is devoted to treating our patients from detox, to residential treatment, to aftercare and beyond. 

drug detox in los angeles Alcohol and Drug Detox in Los Angeles Year Round 

The above touched on some of the ways that our treatment can benefit patients in the summer, but our doors are never closed. We have helped so many through detox into residential treatment and beyond in the winter, the spring, and the fall as well as summer. If you’ve been putting off going to detox, receiving treatment, or the like, we encourage you to give it a shot. You really can get help. You can not only get sober but also feel healthier and happier as well. To learn more or to start the intake process, message us through this site or give us a call.

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