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You don’t have to fear detox.

Are you concerned about the prospect of detox? Have you looked into detox facilities but are worried about what all that might entail?

Those are perfectly normal feelings. Many addicts feel the same way. Some, in fact, fear detox so much that they may have just not gone to treatment. The consequences for that can be dire indeed.

24/7 Treatment from Medical Professionals

Detailed Detoxification Treatment Description

The goal of our detoxification program is to help people to achieve sobriety. Every aspect of an addict’s detoxification is dependent upon their individual needs. Those are determined by our detox staff as well as the client’s independent physician.

Detoxification runs 24/7, always in an environment that is free of drugs and alcohol. This will be established and maintained by our detoxification program staff. Consisting of a Head Detox Specialist as well as other Detox Specialists, these trained professionals know to identify the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug withdrawal, addressing them immediately. This includes emergency procedures, should they be necessary. Indeed, staff members who are trained in CPR and First Aid are always on-site.

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All detoxification staff members have received proper training and credentials in observation: detoxification symptoms, protocols, crisis procedures, proper documentation, evaluation, and referral services. The monitoring and/or supervision of individuals receiving detoxification treatment services will only be done by qualified, trained staff. Never will a client be allowed to fulfill these requirements as well as any other jobs carried out by paid or volunteer staff.

To address the monitoring schedule in detox, a minimum of one staff member is always assigned to observe a client during their initial twelve hours of detox. Then, staff members physically check every client for breathing at least once every half hour. Additionally, clients will be monitored for their breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, as well as their state of orientation. 

Close observation is by no means limited to the initial twelve hours. Clients will be closely observed for as long as their withdrawal symptoms make it necessary. All staff observations and physical checks will be recorded in the client’s file, also known as the “Detox Monitoring Log.”

At some point through the course of treatment and recovery, the client should be assessed and determined to need additional services, a referral will be made to the appropriate services. By that same token, should the client ever need more specialized care, or more services than Conquer can reasonably provide, then a referral to an acute hospital will be made, as well. All referrals will be documented in the client’s file.

All clients will have access to an up to date list of community resources as well as additional services that are not provided within the program. Conquer program policies and procedures describe conditions under which referrals like this are made. Once a client has passed through an initial stabilization period, they will then, hopefully, be transitioned to our Residential Treatment Program. From there, our staff will strongly encourage them to participate fully in our social model recovery program.

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