Preparing for Our Los Angeles Rehab Center

“How do I get started with rehab?” “What should I do before I come to your Los Angeles rehab?” Those are some of the most common questions we’re asked. They’re great questions to ask, too. For many people, there’s really nothing in their lives that provides a frame of reference for detox and rehab. If you’ve never been through something like this before, it makes all the sense in the world that it would be intimidating, even a little unnerving. That said, our welcoming, supportive staff is always on hand to help. There are things that can help you to prepare for coming to Conquer. 

Los Angeles Rehab & Talking to Your Family & Job 

Going to inpatient detox and treatment is a real commitment. It’s something to be lauded, one of the best, most important decisions a person can make. That said, it can be very challenging, too. Beyond the struggle with addiction and the underlying conditions that cause it, there are very real considerations in regards to your family as well as your career. Be open and honest with your family as well as your job about what this is and what it entails. You want to have as much peace of mind as possible when you’re here. 

Bring Only the Most Necessary Essentials 

“What do I bring to detox and rehab?” Well, for the most part, only that which you have to. As little as possible, in other words. Comfortable clothes. A notebook. Of course, the most human response in the world is to bring as much as you can that reminds you of home. But, alternatively, that could take your focus away a bit from your recovery. Bringing some clothes and then, if you need more, having them sent or dropped by can help. Come with as little as possible and you give yourself the best opportunity to leave here with so much. 

A Great Attitude 

This might sound a little too “rah-rah” but it really can help. Going to a facility like ours with the idea in mind that, hey, this could be tough, but at the end of it, you’re going to be clean and be in a great position to leave and live the kind of life you want can do wonders. Of course, we’ll work with you to find more adaptive behaviors, so that you can feel better as you start your new life. 

The All-Important First Step of Reaching Out to Our Los Angeles Rehab 

Of course, all of the above comes after perhaps the most difficult part: reaching out to a facility like ours. There might be so much in your life that’s telling you not to come here, that it can’t help. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you or someone you love has been struggling with addiction, there’s no reason to wait any longer. To talk to a member of our staff about how we can help, you can reach out to us at (855) 958-4333 or fill out our contact form. 

We're Here to Help

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