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Are you or someone you love struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues? Does it feel like any progress you make on either inevitably gets sabotaged? At Conquer Recovery, we believe in forming individualized treatment plans for every person who comes through here. That said, for folks who are dealing with addiction as well as mental health challenges, there’s one path to be taken: dual diagnosis. It’s something we specialize in at our recovery center in Los Angeles.  

Recovery Center in Los AngelesDual Diagnosis 

Essentially, it treating addiction and mental health issues at the same time. To use an example, a person that's addicted to cocaine and suffers from depression would be an excellent candidate for dual diagnosis. With a dual diagnosis treatment, the depression and the addiction would be treated at the exact same time. The benefits of this can be massive indeed. Studies have shown that folks for whom dual diagnosis is a great fit are more likely to manage their symptoms and ultimately, overcome their addictions to live the kinds of lives that they want.   

Why This is So Important 

Basically, it’s so important because it treats the mental health issue and addiction at the same time. If you focus too much on one as opposed to the other, that which isn’t being treated can worsen. Think about it: a person who is addicted to a substance and suffers from depression could make headway in overcoming their depression, yet that may not do much for the addiction (which could, when it rears its head, ultimately worsen the depression). By that same token, treating addiction and letting the depression fester could get the person to stop using for a while, but the odds of them abusing the substance they’re addicted to again the next time they’re depressed is very high indeed. By treating both at the same time, you give the highest possibility of the most positive outcome.   

Beyond Qualified Staff

As you might imagine, for dual diagnosis to be its most effective, it requires a highly-qualified, experienced staff. That’s exactly what we have here at Conquer Recovery. Moreover, while we hired our staff due to their training and their years of experience, we also made sure to hire people who knew how to talk to, well, people. That way, you’re getting qualified medical treatment as well as real, tangible, welcoming support.   

A Recovery Center in Los Angeles for You 

Not everyone that’s a great fit for Conquer Recovery will benefit best from dual diagnosis addiction therapy. We only provide those treatments for those who truly need them, just as we do all of our other treatments. When you or someone you love arrives here, they’ll undergo a thorough evaluation so that we can put together the best treatment plan possible for them. Then, we’ll implement it so that they can build a  foundation to live the life that they want. To start the process, you can give us a call at (858) 958-4333.

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