Are you concerned about the prospect of detox? Have you looked into detox facilities but are worried about what all that might entail? Those are perfectly normal feelings. Many addicts feel the same way. Some, in fact, fear detox so much that they may have just not gone to treatment. The consequences for that can be dire indeed.


Addiction is not a moral or even a conscious choice. No one chooses or decides to be addicted. Rather, they perpetuate an abusive cycle, mostly on account of underlying unresolved issues that harms their lives as well as the lives of those around them. You’ve seen this whether you’re an addict yourself or know one.

Dual Diagnosis

For those who have a substance abuse issue as well as mental illness, dual diagnosis treatment can be the answer. Whether the substance abuse was caused by the mental illness or vice versa, Conquer’s Dual Diagnosis treatment program treats co-occurring psychological disorders and addiction at the same time. Clients who undergo treatment for both simultaneously have been proven to be more likely to manage their symptoms, to overcome their addiction, and ultimately, live happier, healthier lives.


Your treatment isn’t limited to your time spent at our facility. Conquer’s aftercare program is specifically designed to help clients to live happy, healthy, and sober lives. Our trained, experienced medical staff has put together a program that you can help you or your loved ones to stay away from relapses, stay sober, and live how you want without addiction. Our aftercare program builds on the addiction rehab program you have already gone through.

We’re Here to Help

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