What Separates Us from Other Residential Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

Have you checked out different residential treatment centers in Los Angeles and found that they all look more or less the same? Does it seem like none of them have exactly what you’re looking for? When we started Conquer Recovery, we were cognizant of just how many detox and rehab facilities there are in the Southern California area. So, we wanted to make one that offered clients the very best. We believe that when it comes to your health, your care, your treatment, and your journey of sobriety, you should never have to settle. 

Private Rooms for Clients 

We’re the only facility in Los Angeles that offers three private rooms. That isn’t an exaggeration, a boast, or anything of that nature. No, we’re the only one that has as many as three private rooms. We know how trying rehab and detox can be. For many, having a private room, a place where they can go at the end of the day to truly be alone and reflect can be invaluable. That’s just one of the many amenities that we offer. 

In Los Angeles and With a Backyard 

If you’ve looked at our pictures, then you know when we say that our facility is “in Los Angeles,” we mean it. It really and truly is right in the middle of the city. That said, it’s not like when you’re here you’ll be in the “hustle and bustle” of the city 24/7. Indeed, our serene backyard is perfect for walks day or night, so that you can just relax from the day’s events. Many of our clients use it for quiet reflection, looking ahead to what’s next while taking in the beauty. 

The Very Highest Level of Personalized Care

All of the amenities that we offer wouldn’t be worth it if we lacked a top-quality medical staff. At Conquer Recovery, we made sure to hire the best of the very best. Here, you’ll have top-level doctors, nurses, therapists, chefs, and others, all on hand to serve you and treat you right. When you first arrive, you’ll be given a thorough evaluation. The information from that will be used to put together a treatment plan that’s exactly right for you. Then, for many, it’s detox and then on to residential treatment. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way.    residential treatment centers in los angeles  

Residential Treatment Centers in Los Angeles 

At our residential treatment center, we truly aim to use the word “residential.” We do everything in our power to make our environment feel like home, a place that people want to go to to get what they need. For many, one of the most difficult actions they could ever take is to make that first phone call, to reach out. We always have someone here that’s ready to talk. Even if you aren't ready to come to our facility, we have someone on hand who can talk to you, who can provide info and more. Just call (855) 958-4333.

We're Here to Help

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