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Welcome to Conquer Recovery Centers

Your treatment isn’t limited to your time spent at our facility. Conquer Recovery Centers' aftercare program is specifically designed to help clients to live happy, healthy, and sober lives. Our trained experienced medical staff has put together a program that can help you or your loved ones to stay away from relapses, stay sober, and live how you want without addiction.  Our aftercare program builds on the addiction rehab program you have already gone through. When you came to Conquer, our staff put together an individualized treatment plan for you. The same thing happens with aftercare, too. We’ll make a plan that fits your exact needs. conquer recovery centers

Kinds of Aftercare Programs at Conquer Recovery Centers

Outpatient Aftercare 

As the name implies, this aftercare treatment program takes place in an office or clinic. Once you complete rehab here at Conquer, you’ll visit this office or clinic five days a week. These visits will include educational group meetings, therapy, and more. Then, as the program continues, your visits will go two or three days a week. This form of aftercare can provide a safe, drug-free environment. Closely monitored, these facilities can help to avoid any possible relapses whatsoever. As with other forms of treatment, and evaluation by medical staff will figure out if these are right for you. 

Conquer Aftercare 

Once you’ve undergone rehab and detox at our center, we offer a sober living aftercare program as well. Here, our medical staff will put together an individual recovery methodology for you or your loved one. Sober living, particularly at the beginning, may not be easy. It can be quite challenging. We can provide a stable, drug-free environment from which to start. During your stay, we’ll work with you on overcoming possible relapse risks, drug tests, and even organize meetings.  Our aftercare may include individual counseling, where we’ll meet your unique needs. Peer support is critical, too, and we encourage all patients to undergo 12-step treatment programs during aftercare as well.  Aftercare programs are a great way to transition from your stay at Conquer to the rest of your life. They can provide a foundation from which to live the life that you want.

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