Safe Detox at Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Los Angeles

Have you been looking for somewhere to detox but you don’t like any of your options? Does it feel like everywhere you look for detox is less of a viable option than the last? When you or someone you love is going to go through detox, you have to make sure that it’s done right. This isn’t something you want to have to do again and again. Moreover, it’s a physically challenging process. It can’t be left to the amateurs. We do everything we can at our alcohol and drug rehab centers in Los Angeles to make the detox process as simple as possible.   

Overseen by Experienced Professionals 

At its core, the goal of detox is to help people achieve sobriety. That’s not to say that the goal of detox is to make sure people are sober for the rest of their lives (although that would be wonderful) but rather to make sure that they are sober right now. The idea is to get all of the toxins out of a person’s body, so that they can “start anew,” more or less. As you might imagine, every detox is different. The individual needs of one person will differ greatly from another. Our experienced staff, working in concert with the client’s independent physician, will determine exactly how their detox is to go.  Conquer Recovery Center

Monitoring Patients Until They’re Through Detox 

Detox does not take breaks. There’s no “time out” in detox. It runs 24/7. Detox starts and then it doesn’t end until it’s over. At every step, it’s overseen by our detoxification program staff. These are hand-selected, highly-qualified detox specialists, overseen by our Head Detox Specialists. Through years of experience, they know to identify the signs of drug and alcohol withdrawal and then address them promptly. CPR, First-Aid, and other emergency procedures are ready to be employed at a moment’s notice. We’re not saying that happens often, but, should it occur, our staff is more than prepared to step in.   

The Initial Twelve Hours 

The first twelve hours of detox can be the most challenging. At least one staff member (and it’s rarely just one staff member) is always assigned to observe a client during the first twelve hours of detox. When we say “observe,” we don’t mean “they look in a door at random intervals.” No, they physically check to make sure that every client is breathing at least once every thirty minutes. Breathing, of course, is not the only thing monitored: blood pressure, state of orientation, heart rate, and more are monitored constantly.   

After Detox: Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Los Angeles 

Unfortunately, no one can truly make detox “easy.” It can, however, be made easier. Once you’ve passed through our detox, for many, the next step is to move into our residential space. There, you can build a foundation of the life skills you’ll need to lead a healthy and sober life once you leave our facility. To take that first step: (323) 391-3755.  

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