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Residential treatment at So-cal rehab center

We know that you have no shortage of residential treatment center in California options. Seemingly on every couple of blogs, there’s another detox and rehab facility. That's why at Conquer we do everything we can to stand out from rest. You deserve the best detox and rehab facility and program for your exact, specific needs. That’s why when you come to ours, we make sure that your treatment is unique to you and you alone. 

What Our Treatment is and How it Works 

We believe that addiction is a symptom. A terrible symptom, one that can genuinely ruin lives, but a symptom nonetheless. To treat the addiction in isolation can reap benefits, but only for a limited time. Eventually, the addiction will come back, because it’s a symptom. Specifically, it’s a symptom of underlying causes and conditions. Those have to be addressed to provide lasting solutions for the addiction. Only when those are discovered and dealt with can a person have the kind of happy, sober life that they want. That’s why we do everything we can to find and address those underlying causes here at Conquer.  residential treatment center in california

More than Treating the Addiction

Our program has many different kinds of therapy treatments for our patients. Many will go through individual and group sessions, for example. Additionally, family therapy has been proven to be beneficial, and we’ve found extensive family work to help our patients tremendously. That said, “therapy” can also include physical fitness, massage therapy, and more. When you’re here, we help with those as well. The better your body feels, the more likely you are to feel good in general. We treat the entire person so that you can feel the way you want and then build on it. 

Building a Foundation 

To lead a happy and sober life once you leave our facility, you need to have the kinds of life skills that enable you to live how you want. So, when you're here, we work with all of our patients to develop and strengthen their life skills. In many cases, that involves interaction with peers, learning how to connect in such a way that goes towards social rehabilitation. By setting tangible goals that you can reach, you’ll have the kind of sense of self-worth that provides lasting results. 

The First Step Towards our Residential Treatment Center in California 

Battling with addiction is one of the most difficult struggles that a person can have. So many of the patients who have come through our facility were at a point where they had tried and tried and tried to get over their addiction to no avail. It can feel like there’s nothing you can do. But, there is. There is always hope. Whether you're in the throes of addiction or someone that you love is struggling with it, we can help. The first step is often among the very hardest: reaching out to a detox and rehab facility. We’re ready to talk at (323) 766-6636

We're Here to Help

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