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Los Angeles Rehab Center and Our Process

“I’m interested in rehab, yeah, but what’s it going to be like?” “Sure, your Los Angeles rehab center sounds good, but I’m nervous about the whole thing.” These are reasonable, natural concerns to have. Many of our clients and even staff (who are in recovery themselves) had similar worries when they looked at facilities for the first time. At Conquer Recovery, we understand that, before you come to a rehab, there might be so much in your mind and body telling you not to go. So, to allay those fears, we thought we’d take this opportunity to lay out how it works here. 

Los Angeles Rehab Center: First, Evaluation 

More or less the first thing that occurs when you arrive at our facility is a comprehensive evaluation. Our trained medical staff will go through your medical history and ask you a seemingly endless amount of questions. This is for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that it gives our staff information about you. With that information, they can carefully craft a treatment plan for your exact needs. 


After the evaluation, it’s usually time to go to detox. We would never undersell this: detox can be difficult. There’s nothing “easy” about detox. Now, there are detoxifications that are easier for some people than for others. There are any number of factors that go into it. Yet, some detoxes are tough. Folks could be in real pain, go through real suffering. That’s why we have medical experts on hand. They can make sure that, while you may be struggling at times, you’re always safe, you’re always cared for. Beyond that, they can make the detox experience a bit easier than it might be otherwise. 

Staying at Our Los Angeles Rehab Center 

Once you’ve gone through detox and you’re completely clean, then it’s usually time to go to inpatient care. You’ll be part of our supportive, welcoming community. Delicious, healthy food, exercise facilities, therapy, and more - you’ll be welcomed in all of it. Here, we’ll really put that treatment plan to good use. We'll find the right therapies for you and then, if necessary, adjust accordingly. So much of this is designed around helping you to build the sort of life skills that will serve you well once you leave the Conquer Recovery Center as well. 

Aftercare and the Start of Your Journey 

Speaking of leaving the Conquer Recovery center, that’s what happens eventually. However, even when that occurs, you’re still a part of our community. That’s what aftercare is all about. Really, we begin planning for your aftercare from the moment that you arrive. That way, you’ll be as prepared as possible when it comes time to step into the next phase of your life. On the subject of taking steps, we understand how challenging it can be to take the step towards a facility like ours. We’re always here to answer your questions, to give you more information, or, to welcome you or someone you love to our community. For more: (855) 958-4333 or fill out our contact form.  los angeles rehab center

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