Holistic Recovery for Substance Abuse at Our Los Angeles Rehab

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Holistic recovery for substance abuse at our Los Angeles rehab

One of the primary reasons that people struggle to conquer their addiction is because the treatment they receive does not address the entire issue. They may receive the medical care that they need for the physical effects of addiction, but without addressing the underlying cause for substance abuse there is very little stopping someone from continuing to use drugs and alcohol. holistic recovery center treatment aims to help those in recovery not only become sober but also stay sober by tackling every aspect of the issue and aiming to improve the patient’s overall quality of life.

What Is a Holistic Recovery Center?

‘Holistic medicine’ is sometimes conflated with alternative treatments that are based on speculation and rumor, lacking scientific basis, and health fads. It is easy to see why someone might think that holistic treatment is pseudoscience if it is presented to them as something that treats mind, body, and spirit. Holistic treatment does touch on these parts of our identity but not as separate entities, rather as the building blocks that make up who we are. Think of all the ways that our physical and mental health go hand in hand, and failing to treat both can only worsen the issue.
  • Eating disorders leave a visible impact on the body but are rooted in psychological issues. Changing the way someone eats without trying to cultivate a positive self-image will not properly treat the eating disorder.
  • Anxiety can cause insomnia, tachycardia, gastrointestinal distress, acid reflux, and high blood pressure. Treating physical problems without reducing anxiety will not make them manageable.
  • Reflux diseases (GERD and LPR) can negatively impact someone’s social life because of the ways they interfere with our ability to enjoy food and restrict our dietary options. Without a support system that understands and can accommodate unique dietary needs, someone’s social life can continue to suffer no matter how well-managed their symptoms are, leading to feelings of isolation and depression.
A holistic recovery center considers all of our innate needs as human beings and finds proactive ways to satisfy those needs. This mitigates the desire to resort to substance abuse to have those needs satisfied. It also treats the effects that substance abuse has on our minds and our bodies. Our needs can be broken down into five categories- physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. holistic recovery center


Physical wellness can be boiled down to three core components- sleep, diet, and exercise. However, there are life circumstances that can make it difficult to exercise regularly, get the right amount of sleep, and eat well. Holistic treatment aims to identify the barriers to these core components and teach patients new ways that they can create a lifestyle that is conducive to physical wellness. Nutrition education, fitness exercises that can accommodate anyone’s budget and health concerns, and establishing a bedtime routine that is free of electronics and negative distractions are three examples of ways that we can help our patients achieve this.

Mental and Emotional

Mental health and emotional health share the strongest connection. Mental health refers to the ways that we perceive the world around us and how our experiences impact our state of mind. Emotional health refers to the ways we regulate, understand, and express our emotions, especially with our age. Acceptable expressions of anger for a three-year-old are not acceptable for a thirty-year-old, but someone whose emotional health and growth have been interfered with might not recognize that about themselves. Our ability to regulate and understand emotions draws from our experiences, and our perceptions of the world and our place in it can be negatively or positively impacted based on our feelings. Mindfulness practices and yoga are examples of things that we can use to calm our minds and our hearts to identify our feelings and healthily process them. Both of these can be learned through our various therapy and educational programs at our holistic drug rehab in Los Angeles.


Addiction can interfere with all of our relationships, from friends and family to coworkers and neighbors. Our hobbies and interests might not feel as fulfilling anymore, especially if we shared them with the important people in our lives. On the flip side, a life that is void of genuine human connection can often lead people to abuse addictive substances to fill the gap. Our Los Angeles rehab center is full of opportunities to gain back the confidence and social skills we lose to our addiction, whether it’s through the connections made in group therapy or the relationships mended in our family therapy program.


This is often the part of holistic treatment which causes a knee-jerk reaction in others. People hear the word and assume that it is nothing but New Age mumbo jumbo, or that they will be expected to conform to certain religious beliefs. Religion can be a powerful motivator and drive positive change in people’s lives, but only when there is no element of coercion, fear, and guilt. The spiritual aspect in holistic treatment refers to our values, priorities, and what we believe our purpose in life to be. It is the things that guide us and bring meaning to our lives. It is the system that we create and follow to cultivate powerful experiences, relationships, and awareness. It is the connection we have with ourselves as well as something greater than ourselves, and that ‘something greater’ can be many different things.  For many people, this might involve religious or spiritual beliefs, but that is not inherent to the concept of spiritual wellness. Spiritual wellness is deeply personal yet it is not discussed nearly as often as it should be, which is arguably why it goes neglected by so many for so long.

The First Step

These five aspects of wellness depend on each other. When one suffers, the others do as well. Finding balance is key, and it will not come without active effort. We help patients overcome addiction by teaching life skills as well as educating them on their addiction, empowering them with the tools and knowledge that they need to create a life that is fulfilling and purpose-driven. Our holistic drug rehab in Los Angeles is designed to reinforce our empathy-fueled, human-centric wellness model. We maintain a well-furnished and cozy facility that feels like a home away from home. Treatment is not a punishment, and Los Angeles rehab centers should not feel or look like a prison. If you or a loved one are ready to begin your road to recovery at our warm and welcoming holistic recovery center, contact a member of our team today. We are available 24/7, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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