Los Angeles Recovery Center for Addiction: Why a Holistic Approach is More Effective?

Our Los Angeles Recovery Center for Addiction offers not just evidence-based therapies but also a holistic treatment approach. With this in mind, our clients will have better chances of recovery. 

Los Angeles Recovery Center for Addiction for Chronic Addiction 

Substance abuse disorders are chronic conditions. They can adversely affect your relationships, physical and emotional health. Since addiction can affect how and what you feel and think, it increases your chances of committing suicide.    los angeles recovery center for addiction

How Does a Holistic Approach Become Effective? 

Traditional addiction treatment involves detox. But detox only touches the body. It doesn’t treat the mind and spirit.  That’s why you need a holistic approach to treat your body, mind, and spirit.  One reason you are addicted to something is that your mental health is compromised. If you have a mental health condition, it can cause damage physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It can take a lot of time to recover from your addiction if you don’t focus on those aspects.  For that reason, Conquer Recovery Center offers holistic treatment on top of the traditional addiction methods.  Holistic treatment involves meditation, deep breathing, and other activities that can help you manage your stress.  Other methods will include massage therapy and yoga.  Generally, a holistic approach to treating addiction improves cognition and concentration. It also promotes relaxation.  However, a holistic treatment can’t be used alone. For the treatment to work effectively, it has to be combined with other treatments, like evidence-based therapies. 

What are these Therapies? 

Evidence-based therapies have been proven to provide effective treatment for past clients. These therapies include cognitive and behavioral therapy They are effective because they can identify negative thoughts and change them.  One evidence-based therapy you can undergo at Conquer Recovery Center is a family therapy program. With this therapy, you and your loved ones will have a session with our therapist.  The goal of family therapy is to ensure that you and your family members are on the same page during your recovery process.  Another treatment you can take at Conquer Recovery is medication-assisted. It’s highly effective and it’s typically added to your program during and after detox.  After taking some medications, you will transition to individual therapy that involves counseling. This is vital because it provides you a safe environment to share your troubling emotions.  We also offer group therapy, which is vital to improving your communication skills.  You may also need to undergo peer counseling. It can help in forming a support group that is vital so you can remain clean and sober after completing your addiction treatment. 

Why Do You Need Our Help? 

Addiction can be treated. You need to clean your body from those illegal substances.  The only way to do that is to undergo detox. But detox can be harmful because you are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms.  With our holistic approach, your recovery is long-term.  Find help today before it’s too late. Call our Los Angeles Recovery Center for Addiction at (855) 958-4333.

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