Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Los Angeles That Stand Out

Dual Diagnosis treatment centers in Los Angeles

Do you have mental health concerns as well as an addiction, and feel like there’s no treatment that’s right for you? Have you received treatment for your addiction or your mental health, yet have found as soon as one improves the other worsens? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes,” then you may be a candidate for dual diagnosis treatment”. At our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Los Angeles, we’ll be able to treat your mental health concerns as well as your addiction at the same time.  dual diagnosis treatment

What “Dual Diagnosis” Means and Why It’s Important 

Simply put, it means that someone is diagnosed with both an addiction as well as a serious mental health issue. Someone who is addicted to alcohol and suffers from depression would be a good fit for dual diagnosis, just as a person who has anxiety and is addicted to drugs. This kind of treatment can help because it treats the addiction as well as the mental health concern simultaneously. Instead of treating them one at a time (and thus ignoring the other) by treating them both at once, both are able to be better addressed.  

How to Tell If You or Someone You Love are a Good Fit for Dual Diagnosis

First off, a clear sign is that the person has drastic changes in their behavior that are very negative. It could be that they withdraw from the people they love most, their friends and family. It also may be that their sleep patterns vary wildly, too little, too much, with no in between. They may never seem to have any energy whatsoever. It could be that they abuse substances in some of the riskiest circumstances; it could also be that they go through dramatic changes to their diet as well. These are signs of potential dual diagnosis, yet they are very similar to signs that someone has an addiction. If you or someone you love exhibits many or even a few of those signs, help is here.   

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Conquer 

When you or someone you love arrive at Conquer, there will be a thorough evaluation from our professionals. Dual diagnosis treatment, if it’s going to be recommended, is often recommended there. For the most part, in terms of detox, we have found great success with dual diagnosis patients going to inpatient rehab. That way they’re in a safe environment that won’t enable them. Therapy is a major part of our dual diagnosis treatment as well, as our therapists seek to help patients find their underlying causes so that they can ultimately overcome them.   

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Los Angeles That Can Help Today 

Battling addiction is incredibly difficult, just as battling mental health concerns can be. To have to deal with both at the same time can feel like too much. It’s understandable to feel, at times, that there’s nothing you can do. However, there is. We’re here to help in any way that we can. To talk to someone, call (855) 958-4333.   

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