How Dual Diagnosis Works at Our Los Angeles Rehab Center

Have you been worried that you or someone you love has a substance abuse issue in addition to mental illness? Do you feel that one is holding you back from making progress on the other? That’s why dual diagnosis treatment exists. Instead of exclusively treating the mental illness or the addiction, we treat them both simultaneously at our Los Angeles rehab center. This has been proven to be most effective. 

Why Dual Diagnosis is Important

When you or someone you care about is suffering from both mental illness and addiction, they can exacerbate each other. It’s natural to think: “well, if I could get rid of one, then the other would go away on its own.” That’s a nice thought, but unfortunately, that’s not how it works. For example, treating an alcoholic’s depression can make them feel better for a moment, but should they start drinking again, the depression will come roaring back. Consequently, any progress they make towards living a sober life could be undone in just a moment of despair. But, by treating mental illness and addiction at the same time, a better life is possible.  residential treatment centers in los angeles  

How to Tell If You or Someone You Love Could Benefit from This Treatment 

Have you or someone you love lost all of their energy? Does it seem like you’re always at the point of exhaustion, and you can never feel rested? Have you withdrawn entirely from your family and friends to the point of isolation? Did your sleep patterns or other behavior change dramatically and in a very short period of time? Do you get too much sleep? Too little? By that same token, do you eat too much or too late? If you answered “yes” to many of those questions, then dual diagnosis could be the answer. That said, many who are struggling with addiction or mental illness will answer “yes” to those questions. So, as ever, it’s best to talk to an expert. 

Dual Diagnosis Through Detox 

Should dual diagnosis treatment be the best way forward for you at Conquer Recovery, you won’t have to wait long to find out. Usually, a recommendation for dual diagnosis treatment is going to be made, it’s made during the initial evaluation. Our trained medical professionals will perform a thorough and comprehensive mental and physical evaluation. From there, we’ll figure out the best way forward for your needs.   
Continued Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Our Los Angeles Rehab Center 
  Just as everyone’s addiction and mental illnesses are different, so too are their dual diagnosis treatments. Should medication be necessary, our trained, expert medical staff is more than ready to assist. However, psychotherapy will be a part of just about every dual diagnosis treatment. There, the underlying causes of the mental disorders will be thoroughly explored. From there, we’ll help you to take the steps necessary to live the life that you want. When you have a mental illness as well as an addiction, it can feel like it’s impossible to be happy. There is always hope. Learn more at: (323) 391-3755.  

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