How Therapy Helps with Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

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Are you struggling with addiction and you find it’s just about impossible to talk about it with someone? When you’re relaying everything that you’re going through, does it feel like even the people closest to you in life may not be able to understand and/or help? Fighting with addiction on your own, even if you’re surrounded by people who love and care for you, can be almost impossible. Here at Conquer Recovery alcohol and drug rehab in Los Angeles, we help our patients to, well, conquer their addictions so that they can lead the lives that they want. Therapy, in many different ways, can assist with exactly that.  drug rehab in Los Angeles

Different Kinds of Individual Therapy 

Everyone’s therapy is different. When we think of “therapy,” we tend to go with the stereotype we’ve seen in movies and TV: one person, lying on a couch, telling a therapist about their feelings and experiences. Here at Conquer, individual therapy is a part of just about every single individual treatment plan. That said, those plans are made more individual by therapists tailoring their methods to your needs. For example, you might be a great candidate for “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.” Or, alternatively, you might be a better fit for “Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.” When we conduct your initial evaluation, we’ll discover which one fits you best. 

Family Therapy 

As much as it may seem that way, no one faces addiction alone. Their family, no matter how distant, suffers with them. For many, family therapy is an important component in treating their addiction. Family therapy is what it sounds like: you and your family go through therapy sessions together. Open, respectful, and honest, these sessions always focus on the idea of support. Addiction and its struggles can take a toll on even the closest-knit family. This form of therapy can rebuild, mend, and strengthen even weakened family bonds. 

The Power of Groups 

Addiction can reduce or even ruin a person’s social skills. It can be difficult to relate to people when you’re dealing with addiction at best. Our group therapy sessions help patients to ultimately overcome their addictions, yes, but they also help in developing social skills, too. There’s something powerful in seeing someone that’s going through the same struggles you are or, alternatively, who’s already further along in their recovery than you may be. Consequently, as you connect to and learn from them, someone who came to Conquer after you is learning from you as well. 

Welcoming Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Los Angeles 

For our individual, family, and group therapy to be effective, they have to be run by the very best. To that end, we’ve handpicked the most top-notch therapists we could. They can draw upon their years of experience to put together a treatment that’s exactly right for you. Of course, it’s important to note that we offer other forms of therapy, too: yoga, massage, aquatic, and more. If you have questions, we’re here to help at (855) 958-4333.   

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