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The use of illegal drugs and alcohol regularly alters some of the pathways in your brain. These pathways are necessary to regulate your emotions, make decisions and control your impulses. Hence, when you undergo treatment at Conquer Recovery Center, our treatment specialists will introduce therapies that can assist your brain to heal and rebuild itself.  One of those therapies is yoga. It’s known to relieve stress. Conquer Recovery Center

Yoga at Conquer Recovery Center 

Studies showed a link between stress and addiction. When you feel stressed, you can’t think correctly. Your hormones are out of whack causing you to become aggressive.  Since stress can change some pathways in your brain, you’re more likely to use drugs. You become vulnerable to abuse drugs and alcohol.  And this is where yoga comes into play.  Yoga can help in regulating your stress hormones. By regularly practicing yoga, some parts of your brain that control stress may be enlarged.  It’s also reported that regular yoga practice can increase gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels. It’s a natural tranquilizer that can help in managing your anxiety and stress. The higher its levels, the less likely you’ll feel anxious.   

Balancing Your Brain and Body 

Yoga can help in balancing some parts of your brain that have been affected by abusing drugs. Unlike medicines, yoga does so in a natural way.  When you start to practice yoga, you adjust your body. You will learn to regulate your breathing, which can create self-awareness of how you feel in a certain way.  As you learn how to focus your energy inward, you are learning to take ownership of your feelings. You can gain control of what you feel and your subsequent actions.  You feel more self-reliant. When you recognize your cravings, you won’t be tempted to use them again because you know that it’s deleterious to your health.  Yoga can improve your energy levels and encourage you to follow a healthy lifestyle. It also helps in improving your sleep.  In other words, when you do yoga regularly, you feel better physically and emotionally. As a result, you can easily handle stress. You can do anything to fight against the temptation to use drugs.  And these are the reasons we include yoga as part of our treatment options in our recovery center.  We believe that yoga can reach the spiritual connection to help you become a better person without the use of drugs or alcohol.  However, yoga will not suffice to stop your addiction. Rather, it has to be used in conjunction with other therapy practices.  It’s a beneficial adjunct therapy that you can practice throughout your lifetime. In that way, you can calm yourself and improve the clarity of your mind.   

Treat Your Mind and Body 

The goal of our yoga therapy here is to help you treat your mind and body.  Through yoga, you can establish lifelong habits that will help you recover and avoid relapse after leaving Conquer.  Talk to our trained therapists at Conquer Recovery Center to know your options to cease your addiction. Call us at (855) 958-4333.  

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