Before Rehab in Los Angeles: Safe and Secure Detox to Build On

Have you been worried about going to detox? Does it feel like you have an addiction problem that needs to be addressed, but just the idea of going somewhere for detox fills you with concern? These are perfectly understandable concerns, the kind that anyone could have. That said, detox doesn’t have to be terrible. It may not be easy, necessarily, but in the right detox facility, you’ll have everything you need to come through it better. That’s what you’ll find at our detox and rehab in Los Angeles. detox and rehab in Los Angeles What Detox Is  Essentially, it’s the process of getting all of the toxins out of your body. It can be extremely difficult. If you have a chemical dependency, it can even be dangerous. That’s why it’s so important to go to a detox with trained medical staff. Every member of our detoxification staff has received the proper training and credentials in terms of evaluating, proper protocols, the symptoms of detox, what to do in a crisis, and much more. They’ll be by your side when you need them. Detox can be very challenging, but at Conquer, it can be easier than it would be otherwise.    Keeping You Safe and Secure  At least one staff member (and often more) will observe a client during the initial twelve hours of their detox. Often, that can be the most dangerous time. So, having someone there every moment can be invaluable. Then, at least every half an hour, a staff member will physically check the client to make sure they’re breathing. That isn’t all that’s monitored: heart rate, blood pressure, their state of orientation, and more - that way, the client is in the best position possible to come through detox in the best way.    A More-Than Qualified Staff  There are many staff members here at Conquer Recovery, but we understand that detox is different. That’s why we have many Detox Specialists who answer to our Head Detox Specialist. With their years of training as well as experience, they not only know how to spot the dangerous signs of drug and alcohol withdrawal immediately, they know how to address them right away. CPR, First Aid, and any other emergency procedures, should they be necessary, can be utilized by our staff members at any time.    After Detox: Rehab in Los Angeles Here  For so many here at Conquer Recovery, detox is only the beginning. Once a client has come through detox, they’re sober. Then, it’s about helping them to build on that, so that they can ultimately lead the life that they want. That’s what our rehab is all about. Rehab at Conquer Recovery consists of therapy, exercise, and more - all according to a personalized treatment plan made just for you. Whether you’re sitting in one of our three private rooms, lounging by the pool, walking through the serene backyard, eating our healthy food or anything else, we have the facility, staff, and treatments that can help. For more: (855) 958-4333.   

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