An Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles with a Therapy that Fits You

Does an alcohol rehab in Los Angeles sound appealing, but it also seems like something that would be too difficult or dour? Do you want to get help with your addiction but have been worried about what rehab might entail? These are valid questions. For many, film and TV depictions of detox and rehab have given people a false impression of what life is actually like at a facility like ours. At Conquer, you’ll be given everything you need to develop the kinds of skills that can help you to live the life you want when you leave here. On top of that, they’ll be plenty to do when you’re here, too.   

Therapy for Your Needs 

  The first thing that happens when you arrive at Conquer is a thorough evaluation. There, our medical professionals will learn what there is to know about you. Through a complete mental, physical, and medical evaluation, they’ll get the kinds of information they need to put together a treatment plan that’s right for you. This information will be used to put together your detox, yes, but it will also be used when you go to our residential treatment, as well. Many of our patients benefit from individual therapy. However, many also do well with group therapy, too. These are just some of the determinations that can be made from your evaluation. That way, we’re putting together a treatment that’s right for you.  alcohol rehab in los angeles

Treating the Body as Well as the Mind

  Not all of the therapy that our patients benefit from involves talking. In fact, some of the most effective are almost entirely silent. Yoga therapy, for example, can do wonders for a person’s physical health. If your body feels good, then that will translate to your brain and your emotions. So much of what we do is about helping you to find new, healthy ways to feel good. Instead of abusing substances that would harm your body as well as your mind, we can help you to develop the kinds of skills and get into the sorts of activities that will benefit your body as well as your life. Yoga therapy can be a part of that, as too can massage therapy. Aquatic therapy can feel absolutely wonderful, all while helping you to become stronger, fitter, and ultimately healthier.    

An Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles that Helps You Reconnect and Thrive 

  When you’re battling with addiction, it’s hard (if not impossible) to form positive connections. That’s true whether it’s with friends, family, co-workers, and practically anyone else. Our therapy can help you to rediscover and strengthen those skills so that you can have a happier life once you leave here. Group therapy and family therapy, in particular, can help you to do exactly that. They might be the right therapy treatments for you. To discover all that we can do for you or someone that you love, we’re always glad to talk at (323) 766-6636

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