Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles That’s Of Los Angeles

Have you been looking for an alcohol detox in Los Angeles that isn’t in Sun Valley, Van Nuys, Burbank, Marina Del Rey, but is actually “in Los Angeles?” That’s just one of the many benefits of coming to Conquer Recovery Centers. Here, we do not exaggerate or fib about saying our facility is “in Los Angeles.” Whereas others may say that their place is “in Los Angeles” and actually mean that it’s in the greater Los Angeles area, our facility is right in the heart of Los Angeles, with all of the benefits that affords.  alcohol detox in Los Angeles

Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles 

When you read the words “alcohol detox facility,” the first images that may come to mind could be a sterile hospital, a cold, locked room, somewhere far from civilization. Our alcohol detox is the exact opposite. Our “facility” is actually a very nice home. Inside, however, you’ll find everything you need for safe and effective detox. For one, we have three private rooms. That means you won’t have to share with someone else. You can truly be “on your own” at night. Ours is the only facility in Los Angeles where you can find that. 

A “Home” in the Big City 

What makes a “home” is so much more than just the house, of course. That’s just one of the reasons that we do everything we can to make an environment that really does feel like home. We’re very grateful to have fostered a supportive, welcoming culture for everyone who enters our doors. In addition to that, of course, the professional chef, cooking healthy, delicious food whenever necessary certainly helps to make the environment more “home-y” as well. 

More Than Just a Building 

The “home” environment of Conquer Recovery isn’t limited to the building; it extends out into the backyard as well. There, you’ll find our pool. We use it practically daily for aquatic therapy, but so many of our patients also swim in it, as part of their exercise (and also just to relax). Speaking of “relaxing,” you don’t have to go into the pool to relax. Also right by the pool: our perfectly tranquil and serene backyard. This is a great place to go for a walk, to reflect, to relax, and just to soak in nature. 

Experienced Care for When You (Or Someone You Love) Needs It 

As mentioned, our alcohol detox is about so much more than just the building; it’s the people as well. When we hired our staff, we specifically went out to find the most highly qualified, yes. But, we also wanted those who knew how to truly work well with people. They aren’t just highly qualified medical professionals, they’re also very supportive, warm, and welcoming people. We understand how difficult it can be to make that first step, to make that call. We want to make it easier. You can reach us at just about any time to get more information, to ask questions, or to find out how you or someone you can love can come here. For more: (855) 958-4333.   

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