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Conquer Recovery Center: A Place to Stop Alcohol Addiction

Drinking alcoholic beverages isn’t harmful if done occasionally. However, if you do it excessively over a long period, then the alcohol will soon wreak havoc on your body. Here at Conquer Recovery Center, we see a lot of our patients suffering from various brain diseases, heart conditions, and liver problems because of alcohol addiction.  If you don’t stop drinking excessively now, you’re at high risk of developing a certain form of cancer. You may also suffer from a cardiovascular problem. What we’re trying to say is that drinking too much alcohol can lead to serious health problems.

Get a Professional Help from Conquer Recovery Center 

Stopping your excessive drinking cold turkey may not be the most appropriate solution. The reason for this is that you’re at higher risk for a relapse. What you need is professional help. Yes, you need treatment for your alcohol addiction. Keep in mind that it’s an addiction, which is a form of a disease and it needs to be abated. 

Alcohol Addiction on Its Effects on the Brain 

Alcohol can affect your brain immediately or in the long-term. The immediate effects will be visible after two drinks. You’ll have difficulty walking. You’ll also suffer from impaired memory. You may think that after drinking alcohol, the effects will be gone. Keep in mind that alcohol, if taken in large amounts for longer periods, can alter your brain function. You may soon suffer from cardiac disease and other bodily function disorders.  If you drink every day, it affects your brain by conditioning it to become dependent on it. Because of that, you’ll crave more alcohol. And when you stop drinking, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms. Because of those symptoms, you just can’t stop drinking. The only way for you to put a period in your addiction is to enter a rehab facility, like Conquer Recovery Center. 

How to Stop Alcohol Addiction? 

As mentioned earlier, cold turkey isn’t the best way to stop it. Instead, you need to slowly wean yourself from alcohol. When you enter a rehab center, the very first step you’ll take to stop your addiction is to undergo detox. It’s the process of eliminating alcohol from your body. However, it’s not that easy. When you stop drinking alcohol without the supervision of a medical expert, you may experience serious withdrawal symptoms. It can kill you. Detox is challenging. But when you’re done with it, you’ll enter the next phase.  That is to condition your brain that you don’t need alcohol to function. And this is another challenging part of your road to recovery. Conditioning your brain can be quite difficult because of the temptation lurking around. You can expect a relapse. However, by working with a medical expert, you can stop it from happening. 

Treatment and Recovery 

The right treatment for your alcohol addiction is the key to get lasting results from your treatment. That’s why when you visit Conquer Recovery Center, you’ll undergo evaluation first so we’ll know what treatment option you will need based on your situation. If you want to know more about the initial stage of conquering addiction, please call us at (855) 958-4333. 

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