Individual Therapy vs. Group Therapy for Alcohol Addiction Recovery

When talking about alcohol rehab, a solid therapy plan is an essential component in the treatment of alcoholism because it equips patients with the skills, resources, and direction that they need to maintain sobriety over the long term. At Conquer Recovery, a reputable alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles, we recognize the importance of therapy…

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How our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Simplifies the Process

Have you tried to quit using drugs or alcohol only to find that you start using them again? Or, did you find that it’s practically impossible to slow your consumption? Answering “yes” to either of those questions means that you’re most likely to best be served by going to detox. Here at Conquer, many patients…

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Why Location Matters When Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Center?

Choosing an alcohol rehab center is a critical decision that can have a significant impact on your long-term recovery. Whether you’re personally struggling with alcohol addiction or helping a loved one who needs rehab treatment, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important considerations is location. Finding a rehab center that’s in…

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