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Personal Care at Our LA Detox Center: Helping Your Whole Person

la detox center At Conquer Recovery, we believe in personalized care for all of our patients. We know that, when it comes to finding a detox and rehab facility, you do not lack for options in Southern California. That is just one of the reasons that we provide care which treats the entire person. Our LA detox center maintains a healthy staff to patient ratio so that each patient can get all of the care they need. This manifests itself in multiple ways. 

What You Can Expect from Our Personalized Treatment 

From the moment someone arrives at Conquer, they receive care that is exactly right for them. To determine that, our staff conducts a medical evaluation that delves deeply into their health as well as their history. Then, that information is used to put together a treatment plan. During detox, this plan is implemented, as trained medical watches over patients, providing them with care, medication, and treatment when necessary. Once patients transition to residential treatment, our nurses, therapists, and doctors continue to serve them, all the way through aftercare and beyond. 

How Our Personalized Treatment Can Work 

Personalized care means, of course, that each of our patients receives the treatments in the manner which will be most effective for them. This is true whether it’s individual therapy, group therapy, yoga therapy, massage therapy, family therapy, or some other form of treatment. Indeed, many of our patients are best served through “dual diagnosis” treatment, treating their mental health issues as well as their addictions simultaneously, so as to make the best, most significant process on both. 

Amenities for Your Personal Growth 

It’s important to note that, at Conquer Recovery, “personalized care” isn’t just limited to treatment, therapy, and the like. Indeed, it’s incorporated into how our patients spend their time while here. Between the serene backyard (which has helped so many to engage in quiet reflection, helping them to relax) and the calming pool (which is great for swimming, aquatic therapy, and even just restorative lounging about), our amenities serve our patients. Everything here is personalized for the patient’s care, including their diets. Our professional chef whips up healthy, delicious food for our patients that fits their diets as well as their treatment. 

la detox center Our LA Detox Center is Ready to Welcome You 

We believe that everyone who walks through our doors deserves personalized care. So many have come here because, previously, they had gone to another facility that either did not offer personalized care or offered care that was not personalized to the extent that ours is. Here, at Conquer, you can truly make a fresh start, to take those next steps on the journey of sobriety. To receive the personalized care and treatment that you deserve, we encourage you to reach out to us for more information. Our staff is always here to answer your questions or even to begin the intake process. For more, message us through our site or call. 

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