Our Los Angeles Rehab Centers Offer Unique, Individualized Treatment

When you’ve been researching Los Angeles rehab centers, does it seem like all that these centers offer are individual therapy and nothing else? Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong at all with individual therapy. Indeed, just about every single one of our patients receives individual therapy from a licensed, professional therapist. That said, we’ve found that’s just one of the many kinds of therapy that can be highly effective for people dealing with substance abuse, mental health concerns, and more. 

Massage Therapy: A Healthy Way to Feel Good 

A massage feels good. That’s true for just about everyone. However, massage therapy can do so much more than just make you “feel good.” Obviously, that’s a major part of it, but what makes massage therapy so beneficial to those who have struggled with addiction is that it can increase your levels of dopamine and serotonin. For many, that’s part of why they continued to abuse the substances: to feel good. So, through this therapy, your body can feel good in a way that’s safe, healthy, and easily replicable.  Los Angeles rehab center

Aquatic Therapy: Exercise that’s Safe and Fun 

If you’ve been dealing with substance abuse issues for some time (and even if you haven’t) you may have found that it’s difficult to exercise. Sure, you know that exercising can benefit your health in any number of ways, but you might not know how to do so, or you may even have physical problems (or aches and pains) that make exercise difficult. That’s where aquatic therapy can come in. With this, you’ll be able to exercise safely in our pool, overseen by an aquatic therapy professional. That way, you can develop one more way to boost your health, all while feeling better. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that doing this is a ton of fun, too. 

Yoga Therapy: Energetic Pain Relief 

The health benefits of yoga therapy are almost too long to mention in a full blog, much less a section of one. Of course, it’s exercise, benefiting your health in all of the ways that exercise does. On top of that, however, it can help you to develop a better sleep pattern, too. For many who’ve struggled with addiction, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to have a healthy sleep pattern, even after they’ve gotten clean. Yoga can help you to do that and so much more. As with all of our other treatments, you’ll receive an individual treatment plan that fits your needs. 

Los Angeles Rehab  Centers 

We don’t want you to get the wrong idea: if you come to Conquer Recovery, we won’t replace individual therapy with yoga therapy. You won’t have to choose between “Aquatic therapy” and “group therapy.” Really, they all work in tandem, augmenting each other. Utilizing all of these treatments and more, we’re able to put together an individualized plan for your specific needs. To start the process, you can reach us at (855) 958-4333. 

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