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Have you tried to stop drinking or abusing substances on your own, but it feels like nothing works? Did you stop for a moment, then “fall off the wagon” soon after? This is the cycle of addiction. Even if you’re fully committed to it, it can be impossible to break. That could be due to a chemical dependency or so much else. These are just some of the reasons why it’s so important to go to a Los Angeles drug rehab center. Here at Conquer Recovery, we’re committed to getting you the help that you need.  [caption id="attachment_10379" align="aligncenter" width="371"] Los Angeles drug rehab center Los Angeles drug rehab center[/caption]

A Better Detox 

  Everything about the journey of recovery is challenging. While some parts of it may be easier for you than others, there’s nothing about the process that will be “easy.” All of it will test you in some way. That's certainly true of detox. However, detox is something that most people can’t just “grit” their way through. Detox can be medically threatening, even dangerous. This is why it’s so important to go through the detox process at an accredited location overseen by medical professionals. We cannot make detox easy. But, we can make it easier than it may have otherwise been.   

Rehab After Detox 

  After all of the toxins are cleared out of your body through the detox process, then it is usually time to go through our rehab. Again, every part of the journey presents its own challenges. However, you never tackle any of them alone. Between our therapists, medical professionals, and community, there will always be someone by your side, ready to talk, ready to help. “Help,” of course, is more than just “talking and listening.” While those are important, other critical forms of help involve exercise, eating right, even activities such as yoga and aquatic therapy. “Help” can take many forms, and our community is more than happy to provide.   

After Rehab: After Care 

  Those who have passed through our detox and rehab have gone on a long, difficult journey indeed. However, at that point, their journey is really only beginning. From there, it’s about living a healthy, happy, and sober life beyond our walls. Just as when you were here, you’re never alone once you leave here, either. We have many aftercare programs to help you to get on the right path and stay there.   
A Los Angeles Drug Rehab Center Where it All Starts 
  If you’re in the throes of addiction, struggling with your cravings, it can seem like there’s no way to get better. Remember: it’s never hopeless. That’s true whether you're battling addiction or it has a loved one in its grasp. The first step can be the most difficult; that first step of reaching out to a facility like ours. However, we’re always here to talk and assist in any way that we can. If you just want to talk to someone here, or just find out more information about how we operate, we’re glad to assist. For more: (323) 391-3755.  

We're Here to Help

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