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Holistic Approach To Depression: Aspects That Makes Us Stand Apart

holistic approach to depression aspects that makes us stand apart

Holistic approach to tackle depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues in the world. We need to have a holistic approach to depression. Although it can be treated, some still choose to ignore it. It is because depression manifests itself differently on different people with no apparent physical signs making it difficult to notice. Do not immediately consider meditation or yoga when you think about a holistic approach towards depression, do not immediately consider meditation or yoga. These are not the only aspects that fall under this umbrella of treatment. There are many therapies out there that are useful for patients with depressive disorders. On this note, let's understand how Conquer Recovery Centers stand apart from the rest when curing depression.

What Makes Our Holistic Approach To Depression Different From Others?

According to reports, around 19.4 million individuals in the US have had at least one severe depressive episode. It represents 7.8% of the total population, covering about 9.6% of female adults and 6.0% of male adults. Thus, we follow a holistic approach which covers:

Focus On Personalized Treatment:

Everyone is different. We all have triggers that cause us to fall into states of depression. Some people are depressed because they lack self-esteem, while others are emotionally weak. What makes it even harder for us to pinpoint the core issue causing mental health issues is that there can be various factors behind depressive disorder. Therefore, Conquer Recovery Centers take the time to understand what exactly you need to cure your depression. Our therapists work closely with each patient and carry an extensive history of their psychological makeup before choosing which therapy best suits them during the treatment process. This way, we want to ensure that no stone remains unturned when treating our patients holistically without any waste of resources or efforts by the team of psychiatrists. holistic approach to depression aspects that makes us stand apart

A Great Support System:

The one thing that most therapists lack is an extensive support system for the patients who come to terms with mental health issues. There are times when these people might feel lost or give up due to social pressure or even due to monetary troubles. At Conquer Recovery Centers, we understand this and therefore provide our patients with a great support system by offering them access to all kinds of medical help. It means that if our patients feel like they need medication during treatment, they can easily avail themselves of it by consulting our experts.

Focus On Root Cause:

While taking on a holistic approach to curing depression, it is essential to consider the root cause behind why the patient is suffering from. What kind of situation made them feel like this? It is where our psychiatrists stand apart from their peers. They take great care in understanding what has caused the patient to fall into this state of mind before suggesting a therapy plan. It means we make sure that medical condition doesn't deteriorate further, and we also ensure you have relief during the therapy.

Not Just Sleeping Pills:

Many people suffering from mental health issues are given sleeping pills. However, it is essential to understand that this is more like a band-aid solution to their problem. One cannot expect to recover by just sleeping all the time. Therefore, one must thoroughly go through the various therapies before suggesting any medicine. We analyze our clients in-depth and then decide whether the patient needs to take antidepressant medication or not. In addition, we engage them in various activities that help them recover faster.

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