Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California: Why Us?

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers California Concerns about mental health are becoming more well understood among the general public. Mental health issues are finally receiving the attention they deserve. As people's lives have become more chaotic, the importance of mental health has grown to unprecedented numbers. There is a need for more dual diagnosis treatment centers in California and other places to tackle these issues. The US has experienced an increase in the number of people suffering from significant mental illnesses. On the one hand, the United States provides its inhabitants with a luxurious lifestyle. On the other hand, people's strain and stress levels have grown due to their hectic and stressed lives.

What Reports Say About Mental Health Issues?

According to an NIMH report, around 17.3 million individuals in the US have encountered at least one major depressive episode. In addition, suicide was the tenth leading cause of death in the United States in 2019, according to CDC. Given these alarming numbers, the US government has become more cautious in taking significant action. As a result, it has created a stable environment for mental health and detox centers. To help people, the Conquer Rehabilitation Center has positioned itself as one of the top rehabilitation centers in the United States. Consequently, Conquer Recovery has market dominance and a reputation in the field due to its advanced services at a reasonable cost. One of the specialties of Conquer Recovery is dual diagnosis treatment. Continue to read to learn more about the treatment. Also, know how Conquer Recovery is different in offering the treatment. Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers California

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

Dual Diagnosis Treatment is an advanced technique in which a person is diagnosed with a drug use problem (such as alcoholism) and a mental health issue such as depressive disorders & bipolar disorders. A combination of the two diseases will make rehabilitation more difficult. In addition, it results in a less desired care outlook and a higher chance of bad health impacts if not addressed appropriately. A relatively new addiction rehabilitation facility can offer help for mental illness concerns at the same time. Until 1990, it was believed that the two drug use problems and mental health issues, though related, can be treated separately. However, now the narrative has changed.

How is Dual Diagnosis Generally Performed in California?

California, though, has a sprawling number of mental health centers, they do not usually conduct dual diagnosis treatment appropriately. Many centers do not have the required setup to perform dual diagnosis treatment. Hence, they are compelled to adopt the traditional technique of treating the two separately.

How is Conquer Recovery Different?

Conquer Recovery has realized the need to have a well-developed dual-diagnosis treatment setup. Hence, it has developed an ecosystem where the two can be treated simultaneously and not separately. At Conquer Recovery, substance abuse and mental health specialists work collaboratively to conduct a proper dual diagnosis treatment. What makes us different from others is our personalized care for clients that brings results faster and more naturally. We opt for a holistic approach towards the dual diagnosis that recovers the problem from its root.

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Conquer is among the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in California, offering you personalized treatment on priority. Get in touch with our experts at (855) 958-4333 to know more about our program. Or, you can also fill in the contact form, and our experts will get back to you quickly.

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