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Drug Rehab in Los Angeles With a Proven Therapeutic Treatment for You

At our alcohol and drug rehab in Los Angeles, every patient receives individualized care. That’s something we take very seriously. “Individualized” is a word that has to mean something. Too often, others will say they offer “individualized” care when really, the care they provide is the same cookie-cutter, paint by numbers care that they give to every patient. Not here. At Conquer Recovery Center, we make sure that your care is just that: yours. When you arrive, our trained professionals will put together a specific plan for your exact needs. It can incorporate many different therapies and treatments. 

Individual Therapy 

Every treatment plan we put together at Conquer Recovery Center is unique, yes, but just about all of them include individual therapy. There’s a simple reason for that: it works. Our experienced therapists have a proven track record of working with those struggling with addiction to get real results. The truth is that, for the most part, addiction is a symptom. That means it’s a symptom of something else, something deeper. Our therapists work with you to find what’s causing those symptoms and then, to ultimately resolve those underlying concerns. 

Therapy With Others 

In addition to individual therapy, many will also go through therapy with other people. Specifically, Group Therapy. Here, our group therapy is the very definition of a supportive environment. You can learn from those who have gone through the struggles you’re dealing with now. Beyond that, we also offer Family Therapy. No one fights against and suffers from addiction all alone. Your family is right there with you. Everyone in the family is going to suffer when one member has an addiction. The stronger the family bonds, the higher the likelihood that a person struggling with addiction won’t relapse once they leave here. We can help. 

Therapy for the Body and the Mind 

Not every therapy at Conquer Recovery Centers involves talking. In fact, we have many different forms of therapy that engage your body and emotions as well as your mind. For example, massage therapy can help you to feel better in a healthy way. Additionally, yoga therapy and aquatic therapy are examples of activities you can learn and develop here at Conquer Recovery which can help you to live sober and happy once you leave here. By boosting your mind, body, and emotions, you give yourself the best chance at a healthy, happy, and sober life.  drug rehab in Los Angeles

Beyond Therapy at Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Los Angeles 

Therapy, in all of these forms, is a major part of what we do here at Conquer Recovery. However, it’s not all that we do. So much goes into the process of helping a person to get clean and then learn how to stay that way. If you’ve been looking for a way out of addiction, or you have someone you love in your life who’s been struggling with it, we are here to help. Just call (323) 391-3755.  

We're Here to Help

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