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Conquering Every Issue: Finding Help at Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

dual diagnosis treatment centers los angeles Coping with substance abuse is never easy, but people with preexisting health conditions can struggle more than those without health conditions. Addiction can take a toll on the mind and body that worsens their symptoms, making their conditions harder to manage as a result. Substances can also interact with many different medications, from antidepressants to intranasal antihistamine sprays. Dual diagnosis treatment centers in Los Angeles need to go the extra mile to ensure that every unique health concern is properly addressed and accommodated while helping patients overcome their addiction.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a term used about the comorbidity of a mental illness and substance abuse disorder. People living with mental illness are more likely to develop an addiction at some point in their lives for many different reasons:
  • Genetic predisposition and family history of substance abuse
  • Coping mechanism for stress from finances, work, and interpersonal relationships
  • Self-medicating using substances or abusing prescription medication
  • Lack of access to adequate resources or refusal to seek help before frequent use becomes an addiction
Dual diagnosis treatment can present some additional challenges because withdrawals can exacerbate symptoms and people living with mental illness may be less inclined to feel optimistic about their recovery. Substance abuse is technically classified as a mental illness, and it may sometimes lead to the development of another such as depression or anxiety, while other times it can worsen an already existing condition that someone did not know they had. In these cases, it is not always clear which came first. dual diagnosis treatment centers los angeles

Why Simultaneous Treatment Helps

Receiving treatment at a dual diagnosis rehab in Los Angeles provides patients with a unique opportunity to receive help for a mental health condition that they might not have been able to treat before. It also leads to diagnoses for people who were not aware that they had a mental health condition. Our psychotherapy, group therapy, and family therapy programs can help open up honest and genuine conversations about how to create a substance-free lifestyle by teaching symptom management, coping skills, and finding adequate alternatives for managing a mental illness. It also provides access to any necessary medication for managing mental illness, though these are only used when the detox itself is not enough. Introducing new substances, no matter how beneficial they may be, can be harmful during the detox process. Mental health treatment is also more compassionate at our facility than in many mental health facilities and behavioral health units. Patient abuse and mistreatment are unfortunately not uncommon, and these negative experiences can worsen someone’s mental health.

Challenges of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

There is still disagreement in the medical community on the best way to test dual diagnosis, or what constitutes a dual diagnosis. We pride ourselves on being forward-thinking and human-centric in our treatment, which is one of the reasons that we are among the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in the Los Angeles area. Part of being forward-thinking and human-centric is providing our patients with highly individualized treatment plans, rather than something generic that is forced on all of our patients. We understand that mental health stigma is scary and many medical providers can contribute to this problem, but we stand firm against the stigma of any sort, both in addiction and mental illness.

You Are Not Alone

Substance abuse disorders can cause people to separate themselves from friends and family. Mental illness can lead to strong feelings of isolation, neglect, and loneliness. Conquer Recovery Centers is a place of hope and healing, where we not only help patients overcome addiction but learn to create a fulfilling life after discharge. We make this possible by treating more than the addiction at our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Los Angeles, but the underlying cause as well. If you or a loved one need help in overcoming addiction while struggling with mental health concerns, contact our team today and let us help you get started on the road to recovery.

We're Here to Help

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