Conquer Recovery Center Offering Yoga as Part of Your Therapy

Addiction is a feeling that you no longer have the control to stop. At Conquer Recovery Center, we offer different ways to help you break your addiction. When you choose our treatment facility, you opt to treat more than just your addiction. With our various therapies, we’ll be able to help you treat your mind and body to get rid of your addiction problem. And it’s one reason we offer yoga as part of your therapy. 

Why is Yoga Vital at Conquer Recovery Center

When treating your addiction, you need a holistic approach to finally get rid of this issue. Holistic treatment includes yoga and meditation. Yoga, for one, is a valuable treatment for substance abuse. But for it to be effective, you need to mix it with medications and cognitive behavioral therapy. This natural treatment involves combining physical activity, breathing, postures, mindfulness, meditation, and awareness.  It has been used for thousands of years in the Eastern part of the world. But it only gained its popularity in the West in recent years. But what this therapy does is that helps you relax. It teaches you mindfulness and calmness. In that way, when triggers arise, you just calm your mind and body so you won’t give in to the temptation of drinking alcohol or using illicit drugs. 

Yoga Therapy

The yoga therapy that we offer here aims to help you live a meaningful and purposeful life. It doesn’t require you to believe in a higher power. It’s also not about prayer. With yoga, you know how to summon calmness in your life, regardless of how stressful the situation is. You’ll feel relaxed through the breathing exercises that you practice. You’ll also be more mindful of your surroundings which is vital to feeling more relaxed and won’t stress out about your current situation.  When you’re mindful of what’s going on, you’re changing your brain positively. That’s why it’s useful in improving your mental and physical health. You’ll be training your attention so you’ll feel calm and focus on your positive emotions. With mindfulness, you’re more attentive and be accepting of life’s situation.  Mindfulness involves tuning your experiences to concentrate on the present moment. You’ll be more aware of your breath, instead of the triggers in your life. The acceptance part of mindfulness involves observing how you feel without judging it. You won’t be reacting to your thoughts or feelings.  conquer recovery center Rather, you learn to just let them go. That’s because you know that whatever you do, you can’t control the situation. Researchers have seen the effectiveness of yoga therapy to be effective in reducing anxiety, stress, and depression, which are known triggers. When you’re no longer anxious or stressed out, you won’t think about drinking or using illegal drugs again.  Yoga therapy is an organic pain relief that can also help your addiction. You’ll learn to be more optimistic about life, instead of dwelling on the negatives. Find peace with yoga therapy. To know more about the treatment options we offer at Conquer Recovery Center, please call us at (323) 766-6698

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