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Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles that Sets a Foundation for Your Life

Have you been looking for an alcohol detox in Los Angeles but none of them feel right to you? Are you researching detox and rehab facilities for yourself or someone you care about and yet it just doesn’t seem like there’s one that fits all of your needs? That’s understandable. Choosing a detox and rehab facility is one of the most important decisions a person will make, whether it’s for themselves or someone they love.  That’s why at Conquer, we do everything in our power to stand out from the rest.   

Your Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles 

  When you go to detox, it’s you going to detox. It’s your life, your addiction, and your recovery. So, that means that you need a detox that’s put together entirely for your needs and no one else’s. You don’t need a detox that worked for someone else, you need a detox that’s going to work for you. That’s why when you first arrive at Conquer, we give you a thorough and complete evaluation. Through that, our medical professionals can put together a detox treatment plan that is just right for you. By drawing on their years of experience, they can use the psychological, physical, and medical evaluation of your health to put together the best detox for your success.    alcohol detox in los angeles

What We Take Into Account When Setting Up Your Alcohol Detox 

  Detox is challenging. There's no way around that. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t being honest with you. However, there are ways to make detox less difficult than it could be. That’s what our medical staff can do. When you’re going through detox at Conquer, you’re being watched over. That’s true in the morning, late at night, middle of the day, and any other time - 24/7. By taking into account your level of tolerance, how much you used, the severity of your addiction, as well as any diseases, mental health concerns, or other conditions, we can make sure that your detox process, while not easy, is certainly easier than it would be otherwise. You can have the peace of mind that comes from being watched over by trained medical experts.   

Detox is Not the End, It Really is the Beginning 

  When you come through detox, it’s an accomplishment. You have taken a step towards the life that you want. That said, it’s just that: a step. It’s one giant step forward in terms of your recovery, but recovery is an ongoing process. That’s why, for so many, as soon as you finish detox, you’ll go right into our residential treatment program. That way, you can build on your success, developing the skills you need for the life you want.   
Continuing the Journey 
  At Conquer, we’re committed to giving you the kind of treatment that will allow you to move forward towards a happy, sober, and joyful life. It may not seem possible, but it is. To learn more about how all of this works, you can give us a call at (323) 766-6636. 

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