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Los Angeles Rehab Center and Our Process

“I’m interested in rehab, yeah, but what’s it going to be like?” “Sure, your Los Angeles rehab center sounds good, but I’m nervous about the whole thing.” These are reasonable, natural concerns to have. Many of our clients and even staff (who are in recovery themselves) had similar worries when they looked at facilities for...

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In Home Detox Los Angeles That Actually Feels Like Home

Have you searched online for “in home detox Los Angeles” facilities, yet nothing you’ve found looks like it could reasonably be referred to as a “home?” Does it seem like every detox and rehab center you look at seems more foreboding, impersonal, and unappealing than the last? Too often, these facilities are just a building...

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los angeles rehab

Preparing for Our Los Angeles Rehab Center

“How do I get started with rehab?” “What should I do before I come to your Los Angeles rehab?” Those are some of the most common questions we’re asked. They’re great questions to ask, too. For many people, there’s really nothing in their lives that provides a frame of reference for detox and rehab. If...

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alcohol detox centers in Los Angeles

Alcohol Detox Centers in Los Angeles & When It’s Time to Visit

“How will I know when it’s time to go to rehab?” “Is it really the best time to come to alcohol detox centers in Los Angeles?” These are questions that we field quite often. The answer to the latter, is, of course, “right now.” There’s never a bad time to come to Conquer Recovery. If...

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aftercare treatment in Los Angeles

The Aftercare Treatment Los Angeles Deserves

Are you concerned about what happens after you leave a detox or rehab facility? Do you worry that you’ll go through detox, and then residential treatment, only to eventually relapse once you leave? These are common, understandable concerns. “One day at a time” is more than just a saying or a cliche, it’s genuinely true....

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